Live Trading Rooms

Maximize Your Trading Potential with Live Expert Guidance and Proven Strategies

Live Trading Chatroom

Trade live with us and learn from our founder, Bill Ribeiro

Education Center

Video lessons and supportive materials on multiple trading strategies

Weekly Watchlists

Billy's weekly hot list with his key entry points, profit targets and exits

Trader's Lab

Live learning center where newer traders can get their questions answered

Trade Alerts

Get early notifications on our hot picks that are setting up

Trade Spreadsheet

Comprehensive spreadsheet that keeps track of our current trades with entries, targets and exits

Our Memberships

Day Trading AKA Daily ATM

Our Day Trading Room, also referred to as the ‘Daily ATM Machine,’ is tailor-made for traders seeking to seize the opportunities presented by market volatility and wrap up their trading day without the need to hold positions overnight.

Swing Trading

The Revolution Trading Team sets itself apart from the rest. While many other services offer ‘hypothetical’ trades and theories, we take a different approach by sharing our real-time trading ideas and live trades. Just like you, we have our own capital at stake. With our instant trade alerts, you can stay updated on potential setups using your smartphone or tablet, even if you have a full-time job. If you can’t attend the live sessions, you will still receive live trade alerts to ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities. Join us to experience the difference of trading alongside professionals who are in the market with you every step of the way.

Small Account Mastery

Grow your small trading account into a thriving portfolio. Learn smart strategies that boost profits and safeguard against losses, all while building your financial future.

If you’re managing a small trading account and unable to monitor the markets throughout the day, our Small Account Mastery Program is your solution. It offers a structured plan and continuous support to help you navigate trading with a small account towards consistent profitability.

One-on-One Session

Enhance your trading prowess in a one-on-one session with Billy Ribeiro, a trading virtuoso. Billy tailors his mentorship to your individual level and objectives, providing focused strategies and insights to help you excel in the financial markets. Benefit from his seasoned expertise to sharpen your skills for confident and informed trading, no matter your experience level.

Hear Some Members: