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From Trials to Triumph: The Learning Curve

 A Story of Resilience, Passion, and Community

Welcome to Revolution Trading, where our story is not just about financial markets, but about people, dreams, and the journey of our founder, Billy Ribeiro. It’s a story we’re excited to share with you – one that we hope will inspire, educate, and resonate with your own trading aspirations.

Meet Our Founder: Billy Ribeiro

The Heart and Soul of Revolution Trading

Billy Ribeiro’s journey into the world of trading was anything but ordinary. It’s a tale of early struggles, hard-earned lessons, and a relentless pursuit of a dream. His experiences, filled with trials and triumphs, shaped not only his approach to trading but also his vision for a community where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

The Road Less Traveled

Embracing Challenges, Celebrating Growth.

Billy’s path was strewn with obstacles, from misleading strategies to hard lessons in the realities of trading. But each challenge was a lesson in resilience, fueling a deeper understanding of the markets and a commitment to ethical trading practices.

From Learning To Leading

A Journey of Professional and Personal Growth

Billy’s breakthroughs in trading were not just about personal success; they were stepping stones to a larger goal. His experience with a top US trading education company wasn’t just a career highlight; it was a chance to shape the future of trading education.

Our Genesis

More Than a Company – A Mission

Revolution Trading was born from a vision to make trading accessible and understandable for everyone. It’s a reflection of Billy’s journey and his desire to create a platform where learning and ethical trading are the cornerstones.

Our Mission and Vision

Empowering Through Education

Our mission at Revolution Trading goes beyond teaching trading techniques. It’s about building a community where knowledge, integrity, and support are paramount, and where every member can grow and thrive.

Our Philosophy:
Honesty and Empowerment

Trading with Transparency and Trust

We stand for honesty in an industry often clouded by false promises. Our approach is grounded in real-world experience, focusing on empowering traders with practical, actionable knowledge.

Your Trading Journey Starts Here

We invite you to become part of Revolution Trading – a community where we journey together towards trading mastery. It’s not just about financial success; it’s about growing as traders and individuals.

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My mission is to provide traders with the most relevant strategies and information to the best of my ability and to assist members in achieving their goals by providing the strategies used by institutions, teach them my "Move Prior To The Move System", and empower financial freedom. My commitment is to accompany you on your trading journey, providing guidance and support until we've achieved your desired level of success. I will not rest until we've realized this goal."
Billy Ribeiro
Bily Ribeiro
Founder and Trader