Refund / Cancellation Policy – Revolution Trading Pros

Because members are granted instant access to our trading courses and can immediately benefit from the educational content, we DO NOT give refunds, except in extremely limited circumstances, as set forth below. Please note, it took time and money to create these courses to your benefit. Becoming a successful trader does not happen overnight. You should consider this an investment in your education.


To remove yourself from auto renew and cancel your account, please go to your member dashboard, select “My Account” & then select “Subscriptions” or click here. We ask that you terminate your account no later than 2 full business days before your renewal. Your billing expiration date can be found by visiting your member dashboard, selecting “My Account,” and then selecting “Subscriptions” (or click here: Again, if you forget to close your account before billing recurs, this is your fair warning there are no refunds unless you otherwise qualify for a refund as set forth below.



If you sign up for an annual membership with Revolution Trading Pros and a Money-Back Guarantee was mentioned or offered on a checkout page, or in writing via email, RTP chat room message, or text/SMS Message, we will give you a full refund of your membership cost under the following conditions:

  1. You must maintain your annual RTP membership throughout the 1-year term of the RTP annual membership, including making all annual RTP membership payments for those members participating in our “RTP 2-Pay” program, and not cancel the membership or provide notice of same unless it is within 48 hours of your annual membership renewal;
  2. You must pass all courses currently offered by RTP that are also required for RTP Certification, and any other such courses offered during the term of your annual membership, by passing course exams with at least an 85% grade (by doing so, you will become RTP Certified);
  3. You must maintain your RTP Certification without a lapse of more than four (4) weeks between the time of that Certification and the addition of any one or more new courses that RTP offers (provided such courses are identified as required for RTP Certification);
  4. You must log into the RTP Platform (whether or not you use the RTP chat room) for at least 50 of the 253 trading days during your one-year membership and complete at least one free small private study group; and
  5. Your trade earnings made during the term of your one-year membership do not cumulatively meet or exceed the cost of your membership, irrespective of losses. (You will be ineligible for a refund if, during the term of your one-year membership, your individual trades earn a cumulative return equal to the cost of your one-year membership, irrespective of losses.)
    • For example, if your one-year membership cost $1,202, and your individual trades made during that period did not earn you at least $1,202 (regardless of any losing trades), you will be eligible for a refund, provided you meet the other requirements to obtain a refund.
    • Alternatively, if your one-year membership cost $1,202, and certain of your trades made during that membership earn you $500 today, $500 tomorrow, and $202 the day after (totaling $1,202), you will be ineligible for a refund, even if you lose $10,000 on other trades.
    • For purposes of this paragraph (5), you must have executed actual (i.e., not simulated) trades during the one-year term with a total dollar volume greater than or equal to two times your one-year membership cost. For example, suppose your one-year membership cost $1,202, and you have a $1,000 trading account. During your one-year membership, you make seven trades, investing $350 from the same account each time. For those trades, you have transacted a total dollar volume of $2,450, and you would be eligible for a refund. Alternatively, suppose you have a $1,000 trading account, and you make only two trades during the year, investing $350 from the same account each time. At the end of the year, you have transacted a total dollar volume of only $700, and would not be eligible for a refund.

Your eligibility for a refund is further conditioned on RTP’s ability to verify your compliance with paragraphs (1) through (5), above. Accordingly, any member seeking a refund must provide a profit/loss statement and/or brokerage statements from the registered broker-dealer with whom you maintain your account. RTP will accept only statements that are issued by the registered broker-dealer where you maintain your brokerage account. RTP will not accept spreadsheets or the functional equivalent purportedly reflecting trades in your account. Any brokerage statements provided in support of a refund request must cover the entire period of your membership.


You can submit your refund request to RTP using the “Chat Now” feature on your Member Dashboard or by email to

Refund requests must be made no earlier than one (1) week before the expiration of your annual membership (provided you also submit brokerage statements covering the entire term of your membership) or within thirty (30) days after your membership’s expiration. For the avoidance of doubt, this refund policy applies only to the first year of a member’s annual membership. No refunds will be given for subsequent annual memberships.

If you meet all of the eligibility requirements above, RTP’s management will evaluate your refund request within two to three weeks of receiving all supporting documentation. If your refund request is approved by RTP’s management, your refund will be processed within 3-5 business days thereafter and will include any other amounts included as part of an applicable RTP MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


Except as set forth in this Cancellation & Refund Policy, RTP generally maintains a “no refund” policy, which shall apply to all RTP members. For the avoidance of doubt, a member will not be eligible for a refund on the basis that the member’s privileges in an RTP chat room were restricted in any way (i.e., the member has been “muted”) or on the basis of any other adverse action for a member’s violation of RTP’s Terms and Conditions, over which RTP maintains complete discretion.


This Cancellation & Refund Policy may be changed at any time without notice by RTP, and your continued use of the Company Sites and Materials (as defined in RTP’s Terms and Conditions constitutes your acceptance of the same.

The foregoing terms and conditions are further subject to RTP’s full disclosures, which may be accessed here:

AMENDMENT 10/13/2021 (REVISED 1/4/2022)

Annual Members who purchase the Sniper Trading Robot (“STR”) annual add-on will have the option at any time to cancel their STR annual add-on and have the amount paid for the STR add-on applied towards their RTP Annual Membership Renewal and/or Lifetime Membership Upgrade. Whatever amount was paid for the STR annual add-on will be added to whatever the RTP Annual Member paid for annual membership and that total will be the sum counted as their “RTP MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.”

REFUND POLICY for Lifetime Membership Terms and Conditions

We DO NOT give refunds on Lifetime Memberships, which includes those on Lifetime Membership payment plans, subject to the following limited exceptions:

  1. If a member signs up for a Lifetime Membership and, within six (6) years of signing up, Revolution Trading Pros, LLC ceases operations, that member is entitled to a full refund for the cost of the lifetime membership.
  2. If Revolution Trading Pros, LLC ceases operations 7-9 years after a member signed up for a Lifetime Membership, that member is entitled to a 50% refund for the cost of a Lifetime Membership. If Revolution Trading Pros, LLC ceases operations 10 or more years after a member signed up for a Lifetime Membership, that member is NOT entitled to any refund for the cost of a Lifetime Membership.