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"At Revolution Trading Pros, we are committed to empowering new, seasoned and struggling traders with the tools and education needed to achieve consistent profitability in any market condition."​

We have a strong conviction that our assistance can bring about a significant transformation in the lives of individuals who are new to trading, experienced professionals, or struggling veterans in this volatile market if they put in the time needed. Our meticulously developed tried and true system is designed to be resilient and effective, enabling profitability regardless of market conditions. The results we have achieved stand as a testament to the efficacy of our approach.

Live Trading Rooms
Live Trading Rooms

Experience the thrill of real-time trading alongside the acclaimed price action master Billy Ribeiro. Master the art of identifying high-probability entry points in any market condition through our immersive live trading sessions.

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Our Unique Tools
Our Unique Tools

Discover the strength of our unique day trading and swing trading tools, carefully designed by renowned specialist Billy Ribeiro. These tools are specifically designed to provide you with a decisive edge over market makers, seamlessly integrating with a proven system.

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In-Depth Training
In-Depth Training

Unlock your full potential as a trader through our comprehensive education, where we reveal the secrets of how Smart Money (Institutions) navigates the markets using own strategy "The Level System."

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Welcome To Revolution Trading Pros

Revolution is not just a name, it is our mission; we’re revolutionizing the trading industry by offering an unrivaled and unique service. We’re not just different; we are the embodiment of innovation and evolution in trading education. Our approach isn’t about peddling expensive and unnecessary trading indicators, like so many of our competitors. Instead, we’re committed to your success, arming you with the proven strategies and practical knowledge that successful institutional traders use daily.

“The sooner you get the right training the sooner you will reach your potential!”

At Revolution, you won't simply follow the market, you'll understand it. Our approach fast-tracks your learning, shaving years off the learning curve. We equip you with the ability to quickly grasp fundamental concepts and master effective strategies that work in any market environment.

"You will never have to second guess your entries again!"
Trading Courses

Trading Courses

  • Master the fundamentals of price action analysis
  • Develop the skills to read charts like a professional trader
  • Learn effective risk management strategies to protect your capital
  • Discover the art of proper hedging techniques
  • Gain insights into identifying optimal times to buy or sell premium
  • Harness the power of cheap butterflies for significant gains
  • And so much more!

Get aboard on a transformative journey towards conquering your full potential as a trader by acquiring the right courses.


"Empowering Financial Freedom: Innovate, Trade and Prosper!"

  • Revolution Day Trading
  • Revolution Swing Trading
  • Revolution Small Accounts
  • Revolution One on One
  • Revolution Trading Alerts

Gain access to our pro live trading rooms and learn from the pros while experiencing real-time trading and real profits.  All your questions will get answered during sessions.

Become part of our revolutionary community of  traders who are grasping control of their financial future. Take the first step towards learning, growth, and achieving your goals by clicking the link below and choosing the service that better fits your style now!

Unleash your true potential and leave any room for regret behind!

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